About Waaia-Yalca South Primary School

Waaia-Yalca South Primary is a small rural school located at Waaia, midway between Nathalia and Numurkah, 38 kilometres north of Shepparton.

Waaia-Yalca South Primary School aims to develop socially well-adjusted students who perform academically, to the best of their ability through a friendly, caring, supportive and engaging environment.

The following values are important for all stakeholders to develop and demonstrate:

* integrity,

* trust

* respect

* learning

* professionalism

* self-esteem

This school is staffed by one teaching principal, one 0.4 teacher, one 0.4 business manager, two part time Education Support staff, one LOTE teachers (Japanese) for one hour a week, as well as visiting MACC and MARC teachers (1.5 hours alternating each fortnight).

** Students experience a comprehensive curriculum, enriched by a range of extracurricular activities.

** Well resourced (computer ratio of 1:1), with attractive, well maintained grounds (gardens and adventure playground.)

** Cooperative, supportive and positive parent involvement.

** Continued positive relationships with other schools in the local Cluster area.

** Key learning focus continues to improve student learning in English and Mathematics.


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