News Around the School

End of Term 2, 2018

Hello its been a little while since my last post. Students have settled in nicely for the year and are enjoying the new toilet facilities, classroom furniture and curtain fixtures. We have a new principles office and are just waiting on the furniture to fill it up.

Students this term had the pleasure of David Jenner teaching them while Sue took a much needed break and visited her son in Germany.

We had many of excursions to other smaller school for performances and interaction days.

School photos happened this term and we are excitedly waiting on the arrival of the happy pics.

Students have been enjoying School zone twice a week and have learnt new skills through a sessions of games that was ran by School zone. Thank you Adam.

Until next Term.

Term 3.

We started term 3 with great excitement. The school was getting some much needed upgrades.

  1. New toilets,
  2. Office
  3. Furniture for the class rooms

The atmosphere around the school was busy with many workmen busily working around the clock getting all the jobs done. Children have done a great job with all the noise and distraction that has been happening around the school. Stay tuned for some photos of our upgrades.

Monday 6/3/2017


Last Friday the students joined in with Wunghnu and Zeerust Primary Schools for an interaction day at the Numurkah Swimming Pool. A great day was had by all and the weather was perfect for the water activities.

img_3154    20170303_123515.jpg


Today we had a visit from Sharon Griffiths who is a Fairley Leadership participant. Sharon presented the school with a book published by the group about brolgas and how they are an endangered bird species.



Today, the students enjoyed playing more games with the sporting Schools’ program.they played Dodge Ball and Chicken.



In early Term 2, Foundation to Year 2 students will be attending the 15 Mile Creek camp. This will be a 3 day camp beginning April 26th to April 28th.

As part of the school’s camp policy it is important that the students attend for all 3 days to prepare for future excursions and camps away from home.  Waaia-Yalca South Primary School will attend 15 Mile Creek camp with Dhurringile, Wunghnu and Zeerust Primary Schools.  The students will travel to and from camp by bus.  More details about the camp will be sent home before the end of this term.

Years 3 to 6 students will attend the 15 Mile Creek camp later on in May.